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Slicer Dicer's new 3VOTM window at right

Slicer Dicer® by PIXOTEC, LLC is a software package that allows one to explore 3-D (3-dimentional) and 4-D data sets. It works for a wide variety of volumetric data applications including medical CAT and MRI scans, and scientific data from many fields including astrophysics, atmospheric science, geology, and oceanography. It runs on any reasonably powerful Windows-based PC. The price of Slicer Dicer starts at less than $500 USD.

New Feature of v5 3VOTM, Slicer Dicer's powerful 3D viewer.  It simplifies rotating, zooming, and other manipulations of your data scene.  To see a brief tutorial of what 3VOTM does, click on either of the links below:

3VO (Low Resolution, 600 pixels across)

3VO (High Resolution, 900 pixels across)

Slicer Dicer® is designed for scientists, medical professionals, engineers, and other technologists involved with complex data defined in three or more dimensions. Use it in the analysis, interpretation and documentation of these data on any reasonably powerful PC running Microsoft Windows.

Explore your multidimensional volume data visually by "slicing and dicing" to create arbitrary orthogonal and oblique slices, rectilinear blocks and cutouts, isosurfaces, and projected volumes. Generate animation sequences featuring continuous rotation, moving slices, blocks, parametric variation (time animation), oblique slice rotation, and varying transparency.  Use the new 3VOTM viewer to easily rotate, zoom, control lighting and light reflection, and change the center of rotation of your data image.

Slicer Dicer has an easy-to-use interface that facilitates rapid analysis.  Your time is spent on understanding your data rather than learning a new programming language.

David O'Brian writes "Slicer Dicer is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that should fit well into any scientist's data-analysis toolkit." (Scientific Computing World.)

Other write-ups.

You have complete control over the scaling and rotation of your data volume. The data-to-color mapping can be interactively rotated and stretched or compressed to enhance features of interest. Presentation-quality annotations are available including a caption, color legend, axes ticks and labels.

And much, much more. See Features for a complete list. Or visit our Gallery to see examples of Slicer Dicer in action.

Will Slicer Dicer read your data? Probably. Slicer Dicer reads data defined on regular grids. (See Q6 in our FAQs for a discussion of grids.) Slicer Dicer supports most standard formats (netCDF, HDF, BMP, DICOM, DIB, JPG, PICT, TIFF, and many others, see Input Data) and can import user data in virtually any ad hoc user-defined format, including ASCII text.

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